Na Daroon School K1 English program focuses on children being actively engaged in acquiring and constructing their own understanding of how oral and written language works. The learning experiences provide children with many opportunities to listen and speak, read and write. They participate in activities such as songs, games and various projects that are based on the “letter of the week”. At this level, children begin to develop knowledge of concepts about print and sounds/patterns in oral language and the relationship between letters and sounds. They expand their vocabulary words through singing songs, listening to stories, and working on different tasks.


K week

  • key
  • king
  • kangaroo
  • kick
  • kite


D week



Class Structure

Our K1 class begins with a variety of greetings: How are you? What’s your name? How old are you? The “letter of the week” and any newvocabularies are introduced. Throughout the week there are art projects, stories, and show and tell, all related to the letter of the week or a new subject. The alphabet section of our K1 curriculum is mainly to familiarize the children with the look and sounds associated with boththe upper and lower case English alphabet. Main topics explored in K1: Animals, body parts, weather, days of the week, transportation, family, feelings/ emotions, shapes, colors, actions, fruits and vegetables.


The children had a lot of fun decorating “Dazzling D” Then the letter is placed on the door in front of the English classroom. When children come in, they are reminded of the “Dazzling D!”


When children learn letter a, they learned about red and green apples by making a necklace. Then putting the apples on top of the letter a on the apple tree to reinforce letter recognition. Children learn about actions by acting them out starting with “walking walking walking, dancing, dancing, dancing, sleeping sleeping sleeping” At the end the children help get the teacher up!